Pages from Astro KidsThe ASTRO KIDS book series, funded in part by the Astro kids2
PNC BANK FOUNDATION will soon be unveiled by the Museum.

Book one — “Siri’s Space Garden” has been completed and will be available for sale shortly.

ASTRO KIDS is a fun, engaging tale of youthful energy and curiosity set against the backdrop of science, engineering, space and discovery! It is illustrated by “Boper9,” an up-and-coming young illustrator who is a graduate of Savannah School of Art & Design.

Each book in the series will be tied to a specific STEAM and/or SALT theme — i.e. how a rocket flies (STEAM) or conflict management (SALT) and will be tied to state academic content standards.

The books will feature a diverse group of youngsters that students can relate to:

Astrokids3The first book in the series ASTRO KIDS: Siri and the Space Seeds is in the final stages of development. It will be released for youngsters during late 2016, courtesy of funding from the PNC Bank Foundation.

To find out more about the series and the accompanying lesson plans and activities, contact the Executive Director at 321-264-0434.

To donate in support of the education program and the book series, click here.