Dinner With the Astronauts

Space Walk of Fame Annual Fundraiser

Wayne Ivey fundraiser auctioneerThe annual Dinner with the Astronauts was held at the Suntree Country Club, Melbourne, FL. One hundred fifty people enjoyed sharing the evening with eleven Apollo and Shuttle astronauts. The astronauts spent time engaging with the guests during cocktail hour and dinner throughout the evening. Individual reflections by each of the astronauts gave every person at the dinner a glimpse into their personalities, characteristics and why they are such a special group of people. The attending astronauts were: Wendy Lawrence, Barbara Morgan, Fred Haise, Al Worden, Bob Crippen, Bob Springer, Mike McCulley, Jon McBride, Andy Allen, Winston Scott, and Greg “Box” Johnson.

The auctioneer, Sheriff Wayne Ivey, certainly provided the entertainment for the evening, as he provided unusual incentives for people to bid for the items of their choice. Sheriff Ivey provided some of his own items in the form of cell upgrades and ride-alongs on a Friday night. Promises were also made for turning on flashing lights and sirens to those who bid! Someone even received the promise of a dog from the county animal shelter! Sheriff Ivey was able to raise $16,900 from items that were donated and auctioned at the dinner.