Upcoming Classes and Charity Auction 2

Charity Auction 2

The Space Walk of Fame Charity Space Memorabilia Auction takes place on Oct. 29, 2016. Don’t miss out on this chance to bid on exciting pieces of aerospace history — from photos signed by the Mercury Astronauts to pieces of the Hindenberg to a flown-in-space quilt and SO much h19937-l104349387more. Over 300 items offered! You can begin bidding NOW at Invaluable.com.

Click HERE to find see the auction items and find out how to bid!

Remember that the museum makes a percentage from each sale so you are supporting our STEAM Space education program and helping students and at-risk youth learn about science and technology. Our goal is to move them from away from being passive consumers and TOWARD producing goods, services or digital products.

NO items featured in the memorabilia auction are being sold from the museum collection — these are all consignment pieces or are provided by astronauts or former space workers.

STEAM Space Classes — Grades 3-12

Attention PARENTS & TEACHERS! In addition to our “STEAM Saturday” classes for grades 3-5, the Museum’s STEAM Space program will offer “STEAM Encounters” for grades 6-8, 9-12 or a combination. Need-based scholarships available with all classes.
Our current line-up through November is below. We’ll also have classes in Dec. and Jan.:
Oct. 22 — STEAM Saturday: Technology. Grades 3-5. Students investigate NASA technologies, build their own “bristlebot” robot and drive a Mars astro-kids-1rover, using authentic NASA console technology. $30
Nov. 5 — STEAM Encounter: Building a web site. Grades 8-12. Local web professional Ryan Brandt of Brandt Ronat of Merritt Island will be on hand to work with youngsters to help them build their own web site. Class is limited to 10 participants. FREE.
Nov. 12 — STEAM Saturday: Engineering. Grades 3-5. – Students will design an emergency launch pad egress device and a water filtration system. $30.
Nov. 19 — STEAM Encounter: The science and art of food preparation. Grades 6-8. Culinary instructor Anne Morgenthal will talk about food careers, food safety, preparing healthy and delicious snacks. Students will fix 2 snacks and also learn about the evolution of food in space and how the astronauts stay healthy on the space station. Class limit of 14 students. FREE.