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Auction is now ACTIVE online here for early bidding!

Next Appraisal Day: [TBD]

Next Live Auction Day: Nov 18, 2017 from noon to 5 p.m. Bid online or live in-person with the auctioneer at the museum. For each item, the auctioneer will take final online and in-person bids then close bidding for that item. Don’t wait until then to begin bidding — start early when the auction goes online!

For your best chance of winning: We suggest starting with early online bidding, then also participating in the final bidding on Live Auction Day. (Our auctions typically open for EARLY online bidding a month before the final “Auction Day”.)

Have something to sell?: Most space memorabilia has value — even manuals, visitor passes, posters and other items that seem, at first glance, to be “throw aways.” The best way to know for certain is to let someone who understands the memorabilia market take a look at it. The museum’s appraiser, Chuck Jeffrey, will be happy to discuss the value of your collection with you.

More Info: The museum hosts Appraisal Days and Charity Auctions throughout the year. These events are made possible by individuals who choose to consign their memorabilia through us. All memorabilia is carefully handled and stored in a limited entry, secure space. If you have any questions, please email Executive Director Karan Conklin or phone (321) 264-0434.

Please note that the Museum is not selling any of its permanent collection. All items included in the auction have been donated or consigned to the auction through the generosity of space workers, collectors and astronauts. Consigners only pay a 15% auction fee.

The American Space Museum is one of the last 501(c)3 space museums in the State of Florida. Everyone involved in this auction has volunteered their time and efforts towards keeping the museum operating for the benefit of our children and future generations.

The museum is in the process of growing its education program and refreshing its gallery space. So please bid often, bid high and keep our space history alive! If there is nothing in the auction that appeals to you, please consider making a donation.